SEO freelancer, agency or an in-house team? Make the right choice!

You are a business ready to plunge into the world of SEO. Whether you are a start-up, or a well-established firm or fall somewhere in the middle, the importance of SEO can never be over-emphasized. With the advancement of the digital era, online traffic has become a major source of revenue for businesses. It is vital to have the right SEO strategy in place! So the next big question arises: how do I approach SEO? One can do it themselves, but then again SEO is a long-term process which requires hard work, patience and practice. One can focus on building an in-house team. Another option is to outsource your SEO to an agency or maybe just reach out to an SEO freelancer! There is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on your business. This article discusses some of the factors that you need to assess to help make the right choice.

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6 reasons why digital marketing is important for your business!

The advent of digital technology has significantly reduced the barriers to entry in the business world. The age of internet has enabled not only the tech related industry to flourish but it has also significantly reduced struggles faced by businesses in the traditional sectors. When the cost of business goes down, competition rises. And the need of the day is that any business, be it big or small must integrate a strong digital marketing strategy into its structure, besides other strategies to remain competitive. Digital marketing is the voice of the future! Digital marketing is slowly paving its way and taking over traditional marketing techniques in a number of ways and that too, at a very low cost. 

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